Student Spotlight; Lukas Hanks

Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

For this week’s student spotlight we are focusing on our Shack members. We have asked senior Lukas Hanks a few question about his involvement in the Shack.

  • What made you want to take this class?
    • It looked like a fun class where I could learn skills that can be used later in life.”
  • Are you wanting to do something like this in the future? 
    • Yes, I am majoring in Business.”
  • How do you come up with the designs on the apparel? 
    • We either pick completely new designs or we build off of other designs that people like.”
  • What exactly is your job in the Shack?
    • I am the shack manager. At the beginning of the year I trained the new people in the shack and taught them all they needed to know about actually working downstairs in the shack. Now I just make sure they are still doing what I had taught them.”
  • Do you have a favorite memory?
    • Everyday in the shack is fun and I make new favorite memory at least once a day.”