Student Spotlight; Brooklyn DeLeye


Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

For this week’s Student Spotlight we chose to interview Brooklyn DeLeye about working at Common Grounds and her tasks. 

  • What classes do you have to take prior to being in Common Grounds?
    • At least two business classes.”
  • What times can you get Common Grounds during the school day?
    • 7:00 a.m.- 7:45a.m. and during all three lunches.”
  • What different jobs are available and which ones do you do? 
    • cashier, drink maker, or dishwasher/expresso maker but we all rotate throughout the year.”
  • Who comes up with the new drink specials?
    • We have a marketing and workplace experience class associated with Common Grounds that does all the marketing and collaborates with the zero and fifth hour students to come up with different specials and ideas.”
  • What are your favorite and least favorite drinks?
    • I personally don’t like coffee so I like more of our blenders like the Cookie Dough or Cookies and Cream ones or even our lemonades and freezes!”
  • Do you have a favorite memory from working in the common grounds? 
    • My favorite memory/part of working here is probably just with the people that also work in here because having them makes it so much better and more fun to come every day!”