Student Spotlight; Bryson Tibbits


For this weeks Student Spotlight we chose to interview Bryson Tibbits about working at Common Grounds and his tasks. 

  • What classes do you have to take prior to being in Common Grounds?
    • “Computer Applications, Principle of Marketing, Marketing Management.”
  • What times can you get Common Grounds during the school day?
    • “7am-7:45 am and 12-1:16pm.”
  • What different jobs are available and which ones do you do? 
    • “ Register, drink maker and espresso machine. There isn’t really a task your assigned to you, just really fill in when needed.”
  • Who comes up with the new drink specials?
    • “Students that are in 5th hour or 6th hour Marketing Management but mainly from the 6th hour crew.”
  • What are your favorite and least favorite drinks?
    • “ My favorite drink is Cookies and Cream and my least favorite is cold pour.”
  • Do you have a favorite memory from working in the Common Grounds? 
    • “ The people that I worked with. They are amazing people and always have a smile on there faces and the teacher are a perfect fit for the class. My favorite memory was when the owner of Circle Coffee came in and showed all of us how to do latte art and ever since that I have done a very good job at doing that art.”