Teacher Spotlight; Brandon Evans

Hadlie Brady and Mia Taggart

For this weeks student spotlight we are focusing on our members in the Black Student Union and asked Brandon Evans some questions on Black History Month and what they do.

  • What has been your favorite trip with the club so far?
    • “They have gone to different colleges to see different speakers. They went to KSU to listen to a speaker take about current events.”
  • Can you describe black history month ?
    • “I’m not a fan of black history month. Were black in America we shouldn’t have just a month. I like to touch on real issues. There is 12 months in a year 1 month out of 12 . We should do more education things not just in february but year round. There needs to be more education on black history because there are a lot of black people in this world that contributed to what is going on. “
  • What do you do in the club?
    • “We go over prominent figures, current events, and different things. We touch on a lot fo different topics. We touch on pros and cons of black people in America. We talk about a lot of the latest police shooting that have to do with african americans. And talk about how we have our first black woman vice president.”