Are lockers a thing of the past?


Kyilla Rogers

Ever since the pandemic affected schools such as Washburn Rural and Topeka High, lockers usage has shrunk and are rarely in use.

Students are currently allowed to keep their backpacks and belongings with them in classrooms, so the idea of going back and forth between lockers and classrooms seems tiring for most. While having our belongings right next to our desks is useful, it creates a safety and distraction issue.

Backpacks are tossed in the seat isles and in the walkways, giving students a quick way to trip or break items inside. Another concern for both staff and parents is the possibility of a student hiding a weapon or contraband in their backpack, causing a risk to all persons inside the school.

But would using lockers really help? There are both pros and cons to using them, some already the same as backpacks. Lockers are also an easy way to store weapons and contraband, making it more easier to hide items from teachers.

By using with lockers, students are able to store heavier items from their backpacks inside. Less weight inside backpacks puts ease on students’ shoulders. With the already large weight of backpacks, the posture of students is declining. The heaviness on their shoulders can also create shoulder and back problems.

Despite these pros and cons, could changing these backpacks and locker policies help increase student health and safety?