Gabby Petito deserved better


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Jazzy DeCou , Writer

Gabby Petito and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie loved to travel. In late September Brian returned home without Gabby to Port, Florida. He did not talk to the authorities and the police said he left his house about two weeks later, never to be found again. 

That caused FBI agents, even Dog The Bounty Hunter also known as Duane Chapman, and others to search all around Florida. Laundrie even left without his wallet and phone. 

Meanwhile, Gabby’s body was found on the other side of the country in the area of Wyoming’s Bridger – Teton National Forest. Authorities sent her body in for an autopsy which later resulted in the cause of her death being listed as strangulation. The autopsy also proved that Gabby was not pregnant, even though people believed online rumors that she was.

While Brian was missing there was talk that there were pending fraud charges. Then Brian Laundries’ remains were found and sent to an anthropologist for more information. After the results came back the family’s attorney said, ¨No manner or cause of death was determined.¨

Lawyer Steven Bertolino also said to NBC News, ¨There was no given timeline for when the anthropologist will conclude the evaluation of Brian Laundrie and his remains.” The family does not want a funeral, but instead, they may have a private ceremony later. 

The family is grieving privately. The remains found from Laundrie were described as ¨skeletal¨ by the North Port Police. It was confirmed that it was Brian’s body by dental records and his belongings, which consisted of his backpack and notebook.

His parents lead the FBI and police to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. The lawyer said he has rejected the notion that the Laundries knew their son might disappear or that they struck a deal with prosecutors to help the search.

Rumor has it that Brian’s parents are going to jail for helping him hide and knowing he died before the body was found. 

This case has once again brought a national focus that domestic violence is a major issue. It is not right for anyone to get violent or show aggressive behavior to an innocent girl. Gabby did nothing wrong but love Brian. When someone called the police saying Brian had hit Gabby local officers directed their attention to Gabby because Brian made up stories. I wish Brian was in jail and got the justice she deserved. She was a very nice girl in my opinion and Brian took advantage of her by using domestic violence to control her and the situation and that’s not ok.