Staying Active During Quarantine


Jordyn Seamans , Writer/Page Design

Last summer, my mom and I would walk around Lake Shawnee every Thursday morning. When we heard that school was moved to online for the rest of the year we realized that we could start this up again. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning for the past three weeks we have gone on a walk. We mostly have walked the 6.5 miles around Lake Shawnee, but recently we have decided to switch things up. 

There are four small trails around Burnett’s Mound that add up to about 4.5 miles. You can only do one or two trails if you have a time restraint or just want to build up to longer walks or runs. Even though this is a shorter distance it definitely feels like more of a workout. These trails have more hills than the walking path does out at the lake. When my mom and I have gone in the morning there are not very many people, but I am sure that both areas get more populated as the day goes on.

During this time it is very easy to be lazy and unmotivated, but it is definitely very important for us to do some form of exercise. This is just a friendly reminder to get out and have some fun while staying healthy.