Madelyn Luttojohann

Jordyn Seamans, Photographer

Why did you join golf?

  • I have been playing golf since elementary school because my dad wanted me and my older sister to play. So when it came time for highschool, I just joined because I had been playing for awhile and my sister was also on the team so that helped me feel more comfortable at the beginning.”

What is your favorite part of golf?

  • “I love that golf can be an individual and team sport because it’s fun to be with others but also you just rely on yourself to play good each day.”

If you could meet any TV character who would you choose?

  • “If I could meet any TV character I would choose Michael Scott from the office.”

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would you pick?

  • “I would eat sushi for the rest of my life if I could only eat one food.”

If you could eliminate any rules from the school handbook which one would you choose?

  • I would eliminate tardiness from the handbook.”