Scream Review

Lauren Miller, Writer

The month of October is an exciting time, rich with cheap candy, freakish costumes, and scary movies. For many families, watching Halloween movies is a tradition this time of year, all in preparation for the fated night on Oct. 31. The classic Halloween movies (Nightmare on Elm Street, Hocus Pocus, or Halloween Town, for instance) are watched frequently and referenced constantly in media. I had the pleasure of watching a particular Halloween movie series this year: Scream

There are four movies in the Scream series. Each one builds upon the story of the previous one. The first installment debuted in 1996, the second in 1997, the third in 2000, and the fourth in 2011. From these dates, it is clear that Scream underwent a time change between the first movie and the fourth one, but the characters and storylines remain consistent. Put simply, the movies follow Sidney Prescott as she evades a masked villain with a knife. However, the identity behind the mask is never the same, as the villain changes from movie to movie. This could easily make the movies appear too comical (which they are, in a way, but they are Halloween movies afterall) but each villain has a motive tying in with the motives of previous villains. For instance, the villains have been associated with Sidney’s mother or even her past boyfriend (who turned out to be a villain himself). 

Halloween movies are never meant to be taken seriously. In fact, Halloween itself is associated with the horror genre, and while scary, many Halloween films are also comical. Some of the villains in these movies are so out there, they are hardly believable. However, Scream manages to make more realistic villains (notice I said more realistic, not totally realistic) while also making funny jabs at classic horror movies. Many characters discuss the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of being in a horror film. For instance, characters should not willfully separate or go into a dark area without turning on the lights. These seem like basic actions, but we have all seen those characters make fatal mistakes in movies. What makes Scream so great is that it points out those mistakes and makes light of them. 

The Scream movies are intense and action-packed, sure to keep you awake with their heart-pounding plots. The continuation of the plots and characters also gives audiences a real connection with the movies, allowing us to root for them and will them on in their toughest moments. I would definitely recommend the Scream series this October for anyone wanting a comical, action-packed movie-viewing experience.