The Idea of Growing Up too Fast

Marta Johnston, Writer

As the school year comes to a close, those graduating look ahead to what their future may hold. Many look forward to college or a new job. In the same way as they begin a new portion of their life, they leave another part behind.

The idea of being independent and apart from those who raised us is common among many teenagers. Although when looked at in its simplest form, independence may seem like the best means of progress, it’s often not all that we make it out to be.

The idea of ‘something different’ corrupts us our entire lives. Looking forward is an idea that is incredibly common. The excessive amount that we are bombarded by this idea is rather absurd when thought about in the light of the grand scheme of life.

All the years of schooling that students part in are to prepare them for the future. High school students are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities and extracurricular activities not because they may enjoy it, but because they are told continually by guidance counselors that these acts will aid in their acceptance to a college.

Going to college is in preparation to later have a successful career in order to buy a house and provide for a family. Living in the moment is an idea that is largely foreign due to the way that society has laid out our lives for us.

Therefore, growing up too fast is an idea that is greatly predominant in our society that is captivated by moving forward. Some look forward to self-sufficiency and others dread the idea of something brand new.

But if it weren’t for the standards set before us, would this even be a concept that we would be required to think about?

If looking ahead weren’t so common, it would be so much easier to live in the moment and enjoy the way that life is now.

This notion has been evident in many regards of life, but the only reason why it is habitual is because it is the way that it has always been. When we take the idea of the way that we persevere in our lives into our own hands, we can make the future into something that is only distant.

Growing up to fast is not something that is necessary. Education should be valued but not looked upon as the only solution. Growing up should be look forward to but not dwelled upon.