Lauren Reed


Marta Johnston

What’s your favorite Halloween costume you wore as a child?

  • “My favorite Halloween costume was the piglet costume that I wore when I was one and two.”

If you were president, what would you change about the white house decorations?

  • “If I was president I probably wouldn’t change anything about the White House decorations.”

If you had a boat, what would you name it?

  • “If I had a boat I would name it SS Falcon.”

Why did you choose to play the violin in particular?

  • “I chose to play the violin because I like how it looked and sounded and my older cousin played it too.”

How has learning an instrument helped you in everyday life?

  • “Learning an instrument has helped me to find friends who share my interests, as well as introducing me to an entire genre of wonderful music that I hadn’t really paid much attention to before.”