How to Make the Most of Your Senior Year


Emily Burris, Online Editor

Senior year is a bittersweet time full of lasts, as well as so many firsts. The year is spent figuring out what the next step is, while trying to hang on to everything that has been the last four years. Here is a list of things every senior should do their senior year.

  1. Go to everything – Being involved is one of the most memorable aspects to a school year. Even if you do not play sports, or even really like them, just get your friends and go. Watching the game is only half of going to one, just enjoy spending the time with your friends and peers.
  2. Find an exercise routine – As much as a person can hope they will magically start working out once they get to college, it more than likely will not happen unless they have some sort of previous routine.
  3. Have a sleepover – Get all of your girls together and have a night of fun. Those memories will be cherished so deeply as the group goes their separate ways. It may feel kind of elementary, but do the manicures, sleep in one room, and stay up late giggling and sharing your favorite memories from school.
  4. Catch up with an old friend – It is inevitable that throughout school friendships will fade, but take the sentimental feeling of senior year and try to reconnect. It will be so fun to catch up on all the things that went on.
  5. This could be the most important, thank the faculty – Whether this means thanking your favorite teacher or talking to the principal. Just sit down and talk to the people who have guided you through these past four years, or even go back further and revisit your elementary school. It will mean so much to them.