Technology in Classrooms

Marta Johnston, Writer

Technological advancements being made have undoubtedly helped our society in many ways and have caused increased efficiency in many areas of life. Due to the benefits of tools such as computers, many schools have become much more technologically advanced for the sake of productivity.

But while the use of new forms of teaching due to said advancements may be helpful in many regards, their benefits are not all-encompassing.

One major issue that may arise could be a student’s inability to access the supplies needed to complete online lessons or assignments. While it is true that many students have cell phones and computers, there is a number who do not.

Teachers may often offer help in these cases but, despite this effort, the work that must be completed online in many classes may become overwhelming when faced with a lack of the means to complete it.

Another complaint among students in regard to technology used in clases is the fact that now many courses or lessons must be completed online.

Depending on the student, this method of teaching may not be very effective. Many students prefer or require hands on learning which cannot be achieved by watching a lecture at home.

The teaching of students away from school also can be seen as rather contradictory to the idea that the purpose of the attendance of school is to be taught in person by teachers who are well versed in their field.

Technology in classrooms may be beneficial in many regards, but the use is not without flaw. However, the school system and technology in general are continually evolving and their use together is growing also.