People Need to Participate in Politics

Laney Frydendall, Writer

Political Participation is something that is needed. It helps our government understand what the people want and it allows the people to make sure the government is doing what they should be. Many places in the world don’t give their citizens a say in what goes on in their country, but Americans do, so why not use the blessing we have?

If a person is politically engaged, they are a more well rounded individual. They know about the problems around them and can voice their opinion about them. Many people are frustrated with the way things turn out in politics but haven’t voted or have done anything to make sure their voice is heard. The government only knows what the people who voted want, not what the people that aren’t politically active want. People cannot complain about the way things turn out if they didn’t contribute to the vote. Right now the election with the highest voter turnout is the presidential election, and only about 60 percent of Americans eligible to vote go to the polls. That means 40 percent of America’s population do not show what they want to the government, therefore, they can’t complain if the opposite of what they want happens.

People who are engaged in politics have a better understanding of the government and can make a judgment of where the government is going wrong. When people have a better understanding, they are better equipped to solve the problems they find. If political engagement becomes political action, the government will have a better understanding of what the people want and can change things to better fit the public’s wants and needs. Therefore, more political participation would lead to reforms and changes to political and social issues in America. By participating in politics, you empower yourself rather than let your life be governed by a small, select portion of America’s population. Many countries don’t give their citizens a vote in what happens in their country. America has an advantage in that aspect, so let’s not put politics on the back burner.