How to Find the Right College

Major Copeland, Writer

In the eyes of some, college is the next step to get one closer to entering the world and finding a job. Finally being an adult.

Even though this is the case there is difficulty when choosing which college to attend and what major to pursue.

Recently, news has surfaced that over 50 people have used their status, or have paid those working at college to admit their student no matter the score the got on the ACT or any of their secondary schooling grades

This bids the question for some students about does the name of the college really matter towards the education they will receive?

Is the educational experience a student will receive different at an Ivy League college and a local University?

This question is in the minds of many seniors heading into college next year.

There is also the implication that certain schools have stronger programs in specific topics.

While this may be true, anyone can pursue the major they would like practically wherever they choose to go to school.

That is the main reason that some choose one school over the other. Putting their major above their choice.

It seems that certain assumptions about college have been imprinted into the minds of teens.  Such as the fallacy that more expensive colleges are for smarter more elite students.

While it might seem that way due to the fact that those who are more affluent go to more Ivy League type colleges that might not be completely correct.

Now there are some schools that have an advanced agenda for students to achieve their goals. Because of this many students may not even consider that school as an option.

This stigma around schools discourages students from following their dreams. This also goes along with how much tuition is at these schools.

Since most of the “elite” schools are on the coast those in Kansas who would like to attend will have to pay an out of state fee making their tuition even more.

If there was a universal quota for tuition that was reasonable for most families than all students could apply to the college they wish and not feel the restraint of budgeting issues.

No matter what college a student chooses it should be the school they want to go not the school of their parents dreams or the school they have to choose because it is their only option.

All students should be able to follow their dreams at whatever college they wish attend and achieve their goals all the same.