How Necessary is College?

Bri Wilson, Writer

How necessary is college? This is an age old question that never really comes up with a solid response. While a college education seems more important than ever to some people, to others it seems the exact opposite. In the past, any kind of post-secondary education would be enough to ensure some kind of well-off job, whereas now, degrees often go unrecognized and unused. So, is it necessary?

Going to college has many benefits that cannot go unrecognized. First off, college allows students to find and study something they are passionate about. It can be used as an exploration of both personal potential and passion potential. College life also prepares students slowly for life on their own. They are sent to live on their own, but are most often still accompanied by roommates and advised by counselors, teachers, RA’s, etc. It’s a great opportunity to introduce young people into being their own individual and becoming self-dependent. Then, of course, there is the increased likelihood of being hired directly out of college. Students often rack up a lot of debt during their years in school, and a nice paying job directly out of college would be highly beneficial to paying it all off. Also, there is an increased chance of getting into the job field that a person found their passion for. Thus, it feels more like enjoying life and less like working.

College has many benefits, but can also be detrimental in some aspects. First off, it is expensive. There is not denying this aspect. Even with some scholarships and student loans, many kids go into crippling debt. This is especially true if someone changes their major in an effort to find their passion multiple times. Changing subjects drastically means you need more credits, which takes more money. Some kids never even find someone they love, and drop out of school or just disregard their diploma when they enter the workforce. Many people are getting by just fine without a college degree.

So, how necessary is college? There still is no answer for this daunting question. It is essentially to each his/her own in determining how to spend their lives.