Importance of Siblings

Laney Frydendall, Writer

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They can sometimes be overly annoying but we love them. My siblings have played a key role in my life and have helped shape me into what I am today, so I believe it is better to grow up with siblings.

I have 5 little brothers and sisters, so I always have someone to talk to. I could not imagine walking up the stairs and having no one right there to talk to. Without siblings, it’s easier to get  lonely. You wouldn’t have anyone to hang out with on a daily basis and that leads to you being on your phone all the time.

Having siblings also teaches compassion and patience. I am the oldest in my family with the youngest being just over 3 months old, so I take on the role of “mom” a lot when my parents are away. I’ve had to learn to be patient in things like helping my sister with her reading and having 2 little girls trying to help me every time I want to bake something in the kitchen. Sometimes they mess things up but I’ve had to learn to be compassionate and patient with them.

Sometimes it’s annoying, but overall, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my siblings with all my heart. If I didn’t have them, I would be missing out on cute little moments like my 3 year old sister wanting to come downstairs to my room just because she misses me and wants to give me a hug.


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