Benefits to Learning Music

Major Copeland, Writer

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Since the beginning of time, music has been an outlet for many. 40,000 years ago the first instrument was played. It was a flute made from bird bones. It is thought that early humans would play the bone flute at the ends of long days when sitting around the fire.

Some may believe that instruments are too time consuming or that they will not be able to learn how to play them but this is not the case. I believe that these are all misconceptions. Instruments are fun outlets that many use to pass time.

According to, studies have shown that people who play instruments tend to be less stressed, more productive and more confident. Learning a new instrument can also help people be more creative and teach them patients. They can also make people happier.

At Washburn Rural High School, there are several music classes. There is Orchestra, Band and Choir.  These programs allow students to enjoy music and learn more about their instruments. All of those involved travel to competitions all over Kansas and compete against other Kansas schools.
This allows for a sense of competition that some may not experience otherwise. There are also many opportunities that are provided through these programs.

For musicals and other singing events, some from the choir participate, and for the band and orchestra there are individual solo competitions that instrumentalist can travel to or they too have an opportunity to participate in plays or other activities through pit orchestra, pep band, and marching band.

Learning about music opens up a world to discover and explore. There are over 1500 instruments in the world. So there can be an instrument for everyone. By learning how to read music people can play pieces by famous musicians such as Boch, Beethoven and Sousa.

They allow you to express yourself in ways that you do not want to share and they also help you revels some feelings that you possibly did not know exist.

There are skeptics who are afraid to try because they do not believe that they can pick it up.

To that I say, everything takes time. When someone first picks up an instrument it is not like they magical understand everything there is to know.
Most do not even understand the sound that their instruments should make. People need to be dedicated to their instrument and practice. A they say, practice makes perfect.

The longer one has an instrument and becomes comfortable with it, the better it will sound.

Instruments are people’s friends. Everyone loves music whether that be instrumental or with others singing.

It is a way for people to express themselves and portray how they feel without saying anything.

Everyone should learn how to play an instrument and discover a new and exciting world that they never knew existed.

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