The Importance of Music Education

Marta Johnston, Writer

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Learning music is like learning a new language. Performing a piece involves much more than simply picking up an instrument. It truly is an art and involves a great amount of dedication. In the least, the teaching of this will further students’ abilities of perseverance and dedication. Practicing an instrument for hours and perfecting the skill of playing it requires a kind of patience and discipline that can not be gained by means of playing a sport.

A person not well adapted to the world of music may look at a piece of sheet music and see nothing but notes on paper. Upon further examination and years of experience in the realm of music, one can hear the notes in their head without a musical instrument. It is this kind of musical intelligence that is valuable and must be intentionally gained and strived for.

The advantages associated with being trained as a musician are valuable and come in great amounts. It can teach skills in the areas of memorization, language, coordination, engagement, imagination, and discipline. All of these qualities are valuable and are also not the only benefits that can be gained when learning an instrument.

Music is an art that should be cherished and held at great esteem. This art in many forms is loved by people all around the world. Over the course of history, it had been used not only for pleasure, but also as a means of spreading information. Music has also had an outstanding role in the act of religious ceremonies.

Music education should be a more apparent and respected event in school as a result of the fact that it is an intricate, valuable, and overall enjoyable thing. It is overlooked, as many are uninterested or uninformed in the area of music. It is for this reason that more should be exposed to the art and learn to value it in a way that is profitable.

Being musically educated is not necessarily limited to the ability of playing an instrument. Listening to music in the car or while doing homework is also a form of exposure to music. It causes the listener to develop some of the language skills commonly associated with music in general. However, the furthering of these qualifications is meaningful and should therefore be aspired to be gained.