Mountains are the Best Vacation Spots

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Mountains are the Best Vacation Spots

Jordyn Seamans, Photographer

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Most people either love mountains or beaches, one or the other. I personally love the mountains and would much rather travel to Colorado or Canada where it is way cooler than Kansas.

I am still in high school which means whenever my family decides to have a vacation it usually takes place in the summer. Kansas typically gets really hot during the summer months and my family and I like to escape the heat and travel to the mountains.

I know some people who either feel trapped when they travel to a mountain valley or their favorite part of the day is the sunset, which are impossible to see when you are in a valley.

The aspects I love about the mountains are the fresh, cool air, the amazing opportunities for nature photography, the likeliness of seeing wild animals, abundance of shade, great views from wonderful hikes which contain great workouts, and lastly they are way less crowded than beaches.

Meanwhile, the beaches have an abundance of sun and sand, a lot of people which make them very crowded, and lets not forget how humid the air is all the time.

Another thing people usually forget to do is disconnect from their devices and reconnect with the great outdoors. Everything from rugged terrain to untouched trails to breathtaking mountain vistas will all be at your fingertips.

As beach vacations can be great, mountain vacations are wonderful. The next time you plan on traveling, take mountainous places like Colorado into consideration.


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