The Benefits of Books

Marta Johnston, Writer

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Reading has many benefits. It is a good way to improve vocabulary and comprehension and it additionally acts as a good source of relieving stress. However, despite the numerous advantages accompanied by the frequency of reading, many people have not picked up a book in years of their own free will.

Perhaps it is the lack of free time or the prioritizing of more important things to be done on a daily basis. These reasons are all legitimate, but sometimes sitting down with a good book can make a day so much better. Setting aside the stress accompanied by merely living and becoming immersed in an alternative reality just for a little while can help tremendously in the maintenance of mental sanity.

Others claim to dislike reading in general and prefer to fill their limited amount of free time with activities that they find more joy in doing. Sometimes finding a good book can change this opinion no matter how opposed one may be to the idea. Intriguing characters and an intricate storyline can reform even the most stubborn of nonreaders. One’s interest in books is largely based on personal preference, but anyone can find a book that they like if they make an effort to do so.

Aside from how interesting reading can be, its advantages are numerous and have been scientifically proven on many different occasions. Reading has been proven to help sleep, and is said to increase intelligence (according to many studies based on standardized test scores).

Regardless of a person’s preference, one should respect the positive assets associated with the reading  of books. An author’s words can create a sort of magical atmosphere and can act as a source of escape from the hassle that is life.