Topeka Capitol Building Review

Gwen Clark, Writer

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Since the Topeka Capitol Building began giving dome tours in 2014, it has been a popular attraction for visitors, as well as for Topeka residents. The dome tour consists of climbing 296 steps to the top of the building, where there is a balcony. The top of the Capitol offers a breathtaking view of the downtown Topeka area.

When the Capitol was originally built, there were stairs leading to the top of the dome. People were not allowed to climb to the top until four years ago, after renovations were completed. Today, visitors are only able to climb to the dome as a part of a tour, with a tour guide. The tour guide shares history about the building, while guiding the group to the dome balcony. Tours are scheduled for every day of the week, except for Sundays. Times are listed on the Kansas State Capitol website.

When I visited the Capitol and went on the dome tour, it was a great experience. I loved learning the history as we climbed to the tenth floor, where the balcony is located.

I recommend the dome tour to anyone who has not gotten to experience it yet. It is a great view from the top, especially in the fall season. Visiting the Capitol creates a feeling of appreciation for your city, and it is a great way to learn more about the history of Topeka.

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