Social Media: Has It Helped or Hurt?

Marta Johnston, Writer

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At this point this is no new argument. The question of the influence of social media is brought up time and time again. Both teens and adults question whether it’s impact has helped or hurt the way we interact.

To say the least: it’s done both. Evidence has made itself known favoring the side of the argument in opposition to this form of communication but it’s benefits have become apparent in the everyday lives of many.

To some degree, the impact of social media is entirely dependent on the way in which it is chosen to be used. Cell phones can in many cases become addictive devices. This also doesn’t mean that they don’t act as an essential tool on a daily basis.

The answer to the question of the good of social media can not be answered generally. The value of it must first be appreciated alongside the harm that it can bring. This is the knowledge that will cause our interpretation of the usage of technology and the things associated with it.

Social media can create a persona that may in no way resemble the personality of a person in reality. On the contrary, it can be a wonderful means of communication and personal expression. The correct usage of the corrects apps can aid the production of a productive person but the negligence of the way in which these means of media should be used can cause them to become a great means for procrastination.

In a way, both sides of this presented argument are absolutely correct. The interpretation of the tool by the person presented with its usage varies incredibly on the basis of a plethora of different aspects gay must also be considered.

Social media in itself is neither bad or good. It is made one of the other by the way in which we choose to use it.