Music department begins fundraising

Isabelle Moran

Washburn Rural High School’s music programs are selling Mrs. Fields Frozen Foods, from August 16 to August 25, to raise money for a trip to Orlando, Florida, in March 2022. Participants can register online or use a paper copy to sell products, with each member having individual accounts for the money they’ve raised.

For every item sold, $7 goes directly to the seller’s account. There are also certain cash levels; if a student sells 20 items they earn an extra $10, selling 40 items = $25, selling 60 items = $50, selling 80 items = $75, and selling 100 items =$100. 

The campaign goal is $5,000, which has already been passed by $1,069. Students also have an individual goal of $150. Final date to turn in papers is August 25.

Once the fundraiser is over, the products will be delivered in mid September. The price of the music trip is $2,145 per student. All the students who register and pay will go on the trip from March 10 to March 14, 2022.