Life of a Manager


Chloe Moran, 21st Century Journalism Student

The Washburn Rural football managers work hard to prepare the players and coaches for practices and games. Junior managers Nick Selm and Kayla Pagles feel like they play an important role in doing some of the day-to-day things that it takes to help practices and games run smoothly.

Selm said, “We fill up water bottles, do laundry, and set up equipment.”  He also added, “We drag the bags out to the field and help the coaches if they need anything.” 

Pagles said, “At practices I take temperatures and attendance with Kayden Smith.” 

At games, she said, “I fill up water cups or film.” Filming is one of the most important jobs because the coaches trade game film with other teams. Pagles said she runs either the sideline camera or the endzone.

Sideline is filming games with a handheld camera in the press box. End zone is filming the games sitting behind the endzone with a large camera on a pole to “mostly film the linemen,” Pagles said.

Along with those responsibilities, managers also prepare the field for game day, check the coaches’ headsets to make sure all of them are working correctly, put together the net for the kickers, and make sure the team has all the equipment to fix helmets on the sideline. 

The manager role at times can be stressful due to the business, but Selm and Pagles think it is fun.

Selm said, “It’s a really fun thing if you have friends with you and are around people you enjoy.” 

Pagles also talked about the bonds she has made with the coaches. “The coaches are fantastic,” she said.