School in a Pandemic

Ella Moore, 21st Century Journalism Student

Times have changed due to the mass spread of COVID-19.

Most districts have presented plans for handling COVID. Some schools have decided to return to class full time, be fully online, or go hybrid (both in school and online).

Washburn Rural High School has decided to use a hybrid learning style for the 2020-2021 school year. Some students seem to be enjoying the hybrid learning while others are thinking the exact opposite.

Zoie Rabb, a student at Washburn Rural, said “it is nice to have those days off and only go two days a week.”

However, many other students believe that school is causing more stress because of the mass amount of work now assigned for home. 

Leah Meek, another Washburn Rural student, said “I used to love school and now it’s just not the same. It’s almost like we are going 24/7 since you’re doing work throughout the weekend, at home, after school, and at school.”

Meek also mentioned how going to school could potentially put a high risk on certain students and families. She states that she would be okay with returning to school like we did in previous years.

But do people even feel safe going to school just those two days a week?

Because some families and students are at a higher risk to contract the virus than others, WRHS created the option to be completely online for safety reasons. Students will get the same work that would be done in class, but will complete it using apps and websites for easier communication such as Google Classroom and Google Meet.

The big question is, will this hybrid learning schedule work if COVID-19 cases are on the rise?