Washburn Rural Student Tests Positive for COVID-19

Hope Oswald

A Washburn Rural High School student in Group A has tested positive for COVID-19. Six other individuals have been quarantined due to close contact. The student was last in the school building on Tuesday, September 15, and notified the District that they tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

The Auburn-Washburn School District says they have contacted all those directly needing quarantine, and are taking several precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. The District has stated that they don’t believe the case should be a cause for concern. However, some students and parents are unhappy with the lack of action from the district. 

One student, who had classes with the individual who tested positive, says they weren’t notified about the situation.

“I have 4 classes with them and I sat right next to them in one of those classes,” they said. “I was with them for 2 days while they had COVID. I would’ve appreciated it a lot if the school or the health department had informed me that one of my classmates tested positive because most people in my house are at high risk if they get COVID, like my dad who has pneumonia right now.”

The student is aware that the District is not in complete control of the situation, but still wishes there was more direct action. 

“I don’t need the school to tell me a name,” they said, “but I wish the school would tell us important information like that.”