Gallon Grad: Blood Donation Program


Hope Oswald, Writer

During quarantine, many people are looking for ways to help others. However, it can be difficult to volunteer when going outside could be unsafe, and many opportunities to help that existed before quarantine can no longer be done. 

However, there is still one important way to help: giving blood. Many people still need blood donations, but with local blood drives being canceled, there is a shortage of available donors. The need for blood donors is now greater than ever. 

Giving blood can also be a great opportunity for high school students. Students who donate blood 8 times before graduation can qualify for the Gallon Grad program. Those who qualify will receive a red cord to wear at graduation for their donations, a certificate, and a chance to win a laptop. Additionally, many scholarships are granted to students who help with organizing blood drives in their communities. Students can earn up to $750 from one scholarship for helping with community blood drives.

Anyone at least 16 years of age can donate blood with a parent’s permission, and Topeka’s Community Blood Center is in need of donations. Visit for further information.