Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas

Aaron Schifman, Writer


Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has released a new plan to start reopening the state. This new plan is called Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas. The name is a reference to the state motto: “Ad astra per aspera”, or “To the stars through difficulties”. The plan is phased into four sections. Moving to each phase requires an executive order from Governor Kelly.

Each of the four phases have minimum start dates. Those minimum start dates may not be followed and the phases may start later depending on the situation. That means that they can not start until the date specified. Phase one of the plan won’t start until May 4. This phase is basically what is currently allowed. That is, gatherings of no more than 10 people, masks encouraged, social distancing of at least six feet, teleworking if possible, etc. This phase also includes guidelines that state unnecessary travel should be minimized.

Phase two of Ad Astra will begin no earlier than May 18. This phase restricts gatherings to no more than 30 people and maintains social distancing guidelines. The difference between this and phase one is that more establishments are allowed to open such as pools, community centers, and organized sports facilities.

Phase three will allow gatherings of up to 90 people and removes the recommendation for the usage of masks. It also allows full travel and people to return to work. This phase cannot start until at least June 1. This phase also states that all education, activities, venues, and establishments are allowed to operate as long as they follow mass gathering guidelines.

The fourth and final phase of Ad Astra is called phase out. This phase is the most unrestricted as it allows normal life for everyone with the gathering portion of the phase stating that people should try to maintain social distance where applicable. This phase can not begin until June 15.