WRHS Orchestra Prepares for Virtual Concert

Emma Schroeder, Writer

While music is traditionally learned and practiced in the company of the director and one’s fellow musicians, the WRHS orchestra has had to be a bit more creative with the student body in practice of social distancing. The orchestra department has decided to host an online video concert to replace the usual in-person show. 

“We decided to put together a end-of-year concert video so that we could perform the new music we got before spring break and have a chance to honor our seniors. The music for the final concert is mostly popular music and was chosen by students,” orchestra director Heidi Parker said. 

The video will take the form of individual student recordings that will be edited together to create the final product. 

“Each class will perform one piece. Students will record themselves playing their individual part and we’ll edit those together to form one video. I believe choir is thinking of doing something similar!” Parker said. 

They are still working out how the concert will be viewed. The music that the students are recording poses a slight problem with posting it on the internet. 

“Due to copyright laws, we will not be posting the concert on YouTube. We are still working on the logistics of having a link to the video that people can watch one time  to comply with copyright/performance laws. If we only make the video available for viewing one day, I will let the school community know. Participating students will have access to the video on Google Classroom so they can watch and do a reflection of the process for educational purposes,” Parker said. 

In addition to practicing for the video concert, music students are still receiving classwork. The content they are being given is centered on preparing students to take the four level music department test.