Dancers Continue Improvement Through Virtual Platforms

Emma Schroeder, Writer

The spring sports schedule may be cancelled, but not all physical exercise for high schoolers is unaccessible. Just like many academic classes are taking advantage of online video chat platforms, many extracurricular activities are doing the same. Specifically, many dance studios in Topeka are taking extra steps to keep dancers connected to opportunities to practice this art form. 

Senior Brooklyn Campbell is a dancer at Radiant Dance Studio, as well as a member of the WRHS Dance Team. When large gatherings of people became prohibited, Radiant dancers had to adapt as they switched from in-person dancing to online classes with Zoom. Campbell says that, despite the virtual barriers, she still enjoys dancing at home because it was already part of her normal routine before the COVID-19 outbreak. 

“My least favorite part is not having my teammates with me in person. My favorite part is that I can still see everyone and we all cheer each other on,” Campbell said. 

While the virtual platform does facilitate better connections between the Radiant community, this new format obviously brings new obstacles. 

“It has affected my ability because of space and timing. On Zoom, the music lags so we are all on different timing. I am very fortunate to have a dance room in my house, but I do see many of my teammates in kitchens, backyards, etc. I have to go outside to jump as well,” Campbell said. 

Despite these barriers, Campbell says that the dancers are not modifying much of their classes to fit the new home spaces because they are attempting to keep their dancing as similar as possible before the quarantine was issued. Even amid a pandemic, she is continuing to invest heavily, sometimes up to three to four hours a day, in her dancing talent.