District to Provide Chromebooks to Accommodate Online Learning


Hope Oswald, Writer

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Auburn Washburn has been trying to accommodate students through online learning. However, many students have trouble attending classes online. According to federal data from the Department of Commerce, 14% of households with school-age children have no internet access. Additionally, a survey from the Pew Research Center shows that 17% of people can only access the internet through their phones. This means that many students have no computer or other device to do schoolwork at home other than their phone. 

In order to help these students with limited access to technology, Auburn Washburn is offering to check out Chromebooks to students who need them. These students can receive a school-issued Chromebook device if they sign up to visit Washburn Rural High School and pick it up on campus. Additionally, students who can’t travel to the school can have the Chromebook delivered to them. School buses are delivering devices from 9:30 to 2:30 each day this week. 

For more information, students and parents can contact Principal Ed Raines at 785-339-4105 or [email protected].  

Additionally, the school’s “Frequently Asked Questions” resource at www.wrhs.net will be frequently updated with further information.