Bus Tracking System to be used for USD 437 Transportation


Aaron Schifman, Writer

Starting soon, district buses will be equipped with a system to make it possible for parents to track their child’s school bus. This program will include the availability to parents and students alike to utilize an app on their phones to track when their bus will get to their stop, and where on the route the bus is. This will reportedly also include a system where a students’ district issued ID will be scanned to track the student. District Transportation Supervisor Mike Lopez did not respond to request for comment. There are still some questions in the air such as what happens if a student forgets their ID, or who exactly this program will pertain to since middle and elementary students do not have ID’s.

Parents and students will be able to log into the app using the students ID number, making their information confidential, per the district website. The app is called Ride360, developed by Tyler Technologies. They state that, “The app uses GPS geolocation to show bus arrivals each day…” Drivers of district buses will be equipped with smart tablets that have their route information along with the estimated time they will be at the next stop.

According to the businesswire.com, Ride360 is used by hundreds of school districts across the country to manage things such as bus routing and work orders. Ride360 is available on both Android and the Apple App Store and was released in mid-October of 2017.