New High School Band: Out of Context

Alivia Cook, Writer

A new band, Out of Context, composed of Washburn Rural juniors Keiran Hayes, Josh Omit, and Mark McKinnley is taking off. They have already produced a couple singles and plan to release a new EP called “Cosmo” sometime in January. The band is currently on Soundcloud under “Out of Context” and roughly have around 1,000 listeners a month.

The band was put together back in January.

“I wanted to put the band together after watching a movie about a kid starting a band to impress a girl, [I] felt like that applied to my life back then,” Hayes comments. 

Although impressing the girl was a main goal, they all also have a love for sharing music for people to enjoy.

“I try very hard to impress people. I guess you can say that’s my hamartia,” Hayes adds. 

Some influences the group used to develop their music are Hippocampus, Vampire Weekend, and AJR, who all have upbeat pop intermingled with serious subjects. Which goes along with the groups songs, such as “Diamonds in the Rough”.

Together the band works very well and they say that this experience has brought them closer. 

“Our experiences together have made us into better friends. We usually get together to record our parts and stuff and a lot of times we just goof off and have fun instead of getting work done,” Hayes said. 

The group is forever thankful for the bond they have created from their shared interest. The band however wishes they would have known not to get carried away so easily. Sometimes they overwhelm themselves with making too many songs at one time. At the end of the day though, they just love music and want to share theirs with the world.