Pep Band Auditions

Lauren Miller, Writer

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Auditions for the Washburn Rural High School Pep Band will take place this week. 

Assistant band director, Christopher Exum, runs the Pep Band. The first official rehearsal will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 5. The Pep Band consists of all instruments, playing at home varsity basketball games. Some of their selections include All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled, Treasure by Bruno Mars, and Attention by Charlie Puth. 

The first varsity basketball games (men’s and women’s) are on Friday, Dec. 13. Later in the year, the pep band will be going on their annual tour to Washburn Rural Middle School and Elementary schools around the district. The purpose is to encourage these students to be involved in music and join pep band when they come to the high school. 

Pep Band auditionees can expect official sign-up times to be posted this week outside the band room. 

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