Capital City Marching Festival

Lauren Miller, Writer

The Washburn Rural High School marching band will be attending Capital City Marching Festival at Washburn University on Wednesday, Oct. 9. The festival will take place at Yager Stadium starting at 6 p.m. Multiple bands from across Northeast Kansas will be in attendance, each competing for a rating and the first place prize. The rating scale ranges from 1 to 3, with a 3 signifying a “good” performance, a 2 signifiying an “excellent” performance, and a 1 signifying a “superior” performance. Frequent bands at this event include Washburn Rural, Seaman, Shawnee Heights, and Topeka West. 

Washburn Rural will be performing their 2019 show “The Coven.” The show follows a Puritan-esque village as they combat the terrifying witches threatening their homes. The question is, are the witches simply misunderstood or are they as menacing as the villagers imagine? 

The marching band continues to prepare with 0 hour class rehearsals every weekday. Other festivals they will be attending this year include Olathe Marching Invitational and the Kansas Bandmasters Associations’ festival (KBA).