New Orchestra Teacher: Heidi Parker

Lauren Miller, Writer

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The Washburn Rural High School music department recently got a new Orchestra teacher, Heidi Parker. Parker takes the position after long-time teacher David Ohse retired last year. 

Parker is ecstatic about the opportunity to teach at the highschool and provide students a magical experience with music.

Even if you don’t major in music you can enjoy music your whole life.  I would encourage students to be involved in some sort of music. It not only develops different areas of your brain such as fine motor skills and critical reading skills, but it can also provide a way of expressing your emotions,” Parker said. “Many people I know use music as a sort of therapy; a way of expressing themselves, escaping the mundane and enjoying the unique journey that a piece of music can take you on.”

Parker enjoys the atmosphere of Washburn Rural and the people in it. 

“My favorite part of teaching at Washburn Rural is getting to know the people here.  Everyone from custodians, students, secretaries, administrators and other teachers have been nothing but friendly and helpful,” Parker said. 

The Orchestra will have their first concert of the year on Oct. 9 at 7 p.m. Parker is ecstatic about the opportunity to share the group’s music. 

“We are playing some well known pieces as well as some that are more obscure,” Parker said. “Be sure not to miss it!”