Student Council Begins Homecoming Preparations

Hope Oswald, Writer

The Washburn Rural Student Council has started planning for the 2019 Homecoming dance.  The Student Council decided on a neon theme for the dance and they have started preparations for the dance, parade, and the many other aspects of Homecoming.

Sophomore Arushi Garg has enjoyed her first year being involved in Student Council, but says that quite a lot of work goes into planning the homecoming events. 

“We have to come up with the whole theme of homecoming, so we all give ideas and vote for them first,” Garg said. “After we decide a theme, they give you the normal jobs like the tailgate, decorations and all that.” 

Garg has enjoyed Student Council, even with all the work. With the high social environment, she says Student Council fosters collaboration and helps the students work together. 

Garg said, “My favorite [part] is talking to everyone and combining our ideas to make this school a better place.”