First Marching Band Half-time Show

Lauren Miller, Writer

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The Washburn Rural Marching band is preparing for their first football game performance on Friday, Sept. 6. The band will be playing their half-time show entitled “The Coven”.

The show is a four movement selection depicting the Salem Witch Trials. The music was written and produced by Gary P. Gilroy. The music and visuals lay the scene for a witch gathering; an effulgent moon and a brooding forest. Witches lurk in the shadows. The question is, are the witches really evil or just tragically misunderstood? 

The movements are entitled Incantations, Rising of the Sun, Witchhunt, and the Pyre. The band is currently learning drill for the third movement. Audience members will surely be surprised by the visuals and storyline that the show presents.

The band will be attending multiple competitions this season. Each football game helps prepare them to compete against other schools.