Math Club Achieves Success

Major Copeland, Writer

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On Tuesday, April 9, students in the math club at Washburn Rural High School participated in the Pittsburg State Math Contest. This is an event for high school students that is sponsored by Pittsburg State University. This year the competition consisted of 56 schools across three states with 1,100 high schoolers participating in the event. This contest tested the ability of the students to solve complex math problems and use their skills to deduct correct answers from the problems given to them.

There are many different areas of math that are tested and students from WRHS performed highly in several. These students include: Hunter Turner who placed second in Computanal Math, Jay Ram placing first in Logic and Set Theory, second in Number Theory, and first in Potpourri, Kashif Khan who placed first in Analytical Geometry and second in Trigonometry, Trey Etzel placing fourth in programming, fourth in Geometry, and Kai Glashausser who placed first in Algebraic Equations and Inequalities, second in Algebraic Simplifications, and third in Potpourri.

Some results of several of the competitions are still unknown. Even so, the scores that are shown leave a brilliant impression about the work ethic at WRHS. All students involved had outstanding performances and showcased their mathematical ability for the world to see.

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