Senior Carly Bachelor Receives McDonald All American Recognition

This year has been a memorable one so far for everyone involved in a sport or activity. This holds especially true for the boys and girls basketball teams. This season has been one to remember with both teams going undefeated for several months and being eligible for the sub-state tournament coming up that will hopefully lead to a spot at state for both teams.

Although there have been many team accomplishments there have also been individual accomplishments for the those players that stood out to those outside of Washburn Rural High School including Carly Bachelor.

Bachelor has been on the basketball team all four years and has excelled this season scoring a total of 32 points during a single game and setting a school record. This grabbed the attention of some and Bachelor was nominated for the McDonald All American basketball game. This game brings talented basketball players from all over the United States to play a game against one another. This is an amazing recruiting opportunity for colleges since they can see how well the athletes play in a high stress game environment. The McDonald All American is a unique experience that helps players and the community.  1970 was the first time they picked someone to play in the game and the tradition has been going on every since.

Each year the game is held in a different location and is broadcasted on ESPN and ESPN 2.  This year the game will be held in Atlanta Georgia at the State Farm Arena on March 9. Many girls are eligible to play in this highly recruited event. But it is not a matter of who is the best, rather who gets nominated for this event.

This is exactly what happened with Bachelor. And for Bachelor and most of the other nominee’s there is no real way of knowing who nominated her and when.

I’m not entirely sure who or how I got nominated but I’m guessing that a sports writer or scout from the game looked at stats and then nominated the best girls from Kansas.” Bachelor said. I don’t know how they choose who gets to play in the game but I’m sure they look at where the player is going to college, their statistics and their player ranking in the class of 2019.”

Bachelor was humbled by the experience and great opportunity that this was. Even though she did not make the cut for the final team that will be playing at the McDonald’s All American. It was more about the experience and recognition that she received from her peers and loved ones.

“I wouldn’t change anything about the experience,” Bachelor said. “Being able to be recognized after a game in front of our home crowd and the honor of being nominated was extremely gratifying.”