Boys Basketball Mid-Season Tournament

Emily Burris , Online Editor

Taking a break from regular season play the boys basketball team competed in the Basehor-Linwood Invitational. On Jan. 15 the blues began with Holton High School and looking at the score most would not think that the team got much out of playing the wildcats. The blues were victorious 61-22. Although they were unmatched the team faced something they were not as familiar with; zone defense. The team says that this was a good practice for them against something that they had not seen a lot of.

Jan. 17 the boys team faced Ottawa High School and once again, were victorious. They faced a more active zone defense this time. The blues beat the cyclones 57-36 advancing their record to 10-0.

The following day, Jan. 18 competed in the championship game against Kansas City-Piper. A 19 point deficit going into halftime did not look promising for the junior blues. The team did not see it in this light. They saw it as a challenge to see how hard they could work. Determined to keep their streak alive they pulled through and won 61-52.

The boys will play Junction City Jan. 25 at home.