Pocket Points to be used as an Incentive in Classrooms

Gwen Clark, Writer

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As of this semester, many teachers have been using the app Pocket Points to encourage students to stay off their phones during class. The free app can be downloaded on Apple and Android phones. While students have their phone locked during a certain class, they receive points that can be used towards rewards. Points can also be earned while driving if you don’t check your phone for a certain amount of time. On the app, these points can be used for discounts at stores, restaurants, and online businesses. Many teachers are also planning on making their own rewards for students who earn points in their class. Possible rewards teachers could offer are dropped scores, extra credit, or the opportunity to be exempt from an assignment. The app gives students 30 free points just for joining, and then every 10 minutes a student is off their phone, they earn one point. Both the incentive for students to earn discounts and limit distractions in class has drawn many teachers to implement Pocket Points in their classes.

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