Tyler Norsworthy

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Tyler Norsworthy

Marta Johnston, Writer

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If you won a million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

  • “If I won the lottery, I would first put half of the money to my college education and I would then invest the rest of the money into a startup that I have high hopes for.”


What’s your strangest talent?

  • “In general, I believe I’m a pretty well-rounded person. I would say I don’t have one single strongest talent.”


If all your clothes forever had to be only one color, what color would you want them to be?

  • “I would choose for all of my clothes to be the color blue, because it’s my favorite color and I think that it’s a color that can work in almost any situation.”


How has Scholar’s Bowl been impactful in your life?

  • “Scholar’s Bowl has been paramount in my life as it has helped me form some amazing friendships. If I hadn’t done Scholar’s Bowl, I could list at least four people I wouldn’t be as close with today, and they’re all people whom I respect and care for deeply.”


What’s one thing about being in Scholar’s Bowl that most stands out to you?

  • “The most stand-out thing in Scholar’s Bowl is the rush you get in the middle of an important round and the stress and anxiety that comes along with a close game. On top of that is the feeling you get when you’ve won a hard fought round or tournament, and you and your team get to have fun on the ride back to town talking about the funny, difficult, and interesting happenings of the trip.”