Unified Basketball Hosts Tournament

Emily Hoopes, Writer

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Washburn Rural host Unified Sport basketball games for many students to participate in every year. On Oct. 27 the students faced off on the court again and Junior, Reagan Hardesty, appreciates the opportunity it brings to her.

“Unified Sports is a program that allows our fellow peers with disabilities to compete in sports alongside their friends,” Hardesty said. “It allows them to have fun and compete amongst their peers, as well as getting to do something they normally do not.”

Giving a chance for everyone to play as one is a key component to the games and this opportunity has affected many people on a deeper level.

“Those involved are affected by all the contagious smiles that surround them,” Hardesty said. “The happiness of helping your friends shoot a basket or score a goal leaves such a good feeling in your heart.”

Inclusiveness is an idea followed within Unified Sports and is something members hope to carry outside as well. With every game and encounter they have, the goal is to make someone smile and enjoy their time together.

“It’s truly a family environment,” Hardesty said. “Personally, it’s a huge part of my life, it means so much to everyone that is a part of it.”

As Unified Sports continues the organization creates a space of acceptance for everyone and show that inclusiveness is a concept that should always be used and this process starts with a basketball game.

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