Students Participate in Parent Teacher Conferences

Major Copeland, Writer

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This week the halls of Washburn Rural High School will be filled with more than just students. The loving parents of those attending WRHS will be visiting the school  in the days to come to sit in on parent teacher conferences. The conferences will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.

Several years ago, the administration changed the way student participated in the conferences himself. A new change that was made, is that the students must complete a slides presentation about their current school standings and what they hope to achieve in the future.

These presentations go very in depth on certain things pertaining to the year in which the student is currently in. For Juniors the presentations are revolved around colleges and possible occupations.

These presentations are an aid to help students begin to get in the mindset of life after high school.

Although this is the idea some students do not fulfill their requirements. These student led conferences are not required, only encouraged. Because of this students fail to show up because it is not mandatory.

The staff sees this and as an added incentive, Principal Ed Raines sent a school wide email stating that the advisory that has the most conferences will receive a pizza party.

Even with these added pushes it is very difficult to get mass numbers of students to actually participate in these conferences.

Even so,  some, or most of the advisories, are making th actual presentation aspect of the conferences mandatory to complete. Even if the student does not intend to take part in the actual conference itself.
There are several reasons why student do not come. One may be that they do not believe it is important. Some seniors might already have already decided what their next step is and believe that the aid would be a pointless waste of time.

Although there are some negative opinions towards this activity, the school still strongly advocates for it because it creates a conversation. Between the parent and the student to begin to talk about and make a plan of what they are going to be doing after they walk out of the doors of Washburn Rural High School for the last time.

Whether or not the student goes or completes the slides, they will have to eventually start thinking about the years following secondary education and the school is trying to help set a trail of breadcrumbs to success.

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