Girls Tennis Competes Through Postseason

Gwen Clark, Writer

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The Washburn Rural High School girls tennis season is coming to an end, but they are still preparing for the Regionals Tournament, which will begin on Friday Oct. 5. Freshman Shelby Smutzler finished her season at the JV League Tournament, which occurred on Oct. 3.

She accomplished most of her goals this year, while enjoying her time on the court.

“I wanted to win most of my matches and overall have fun,” Smutzler said.

Junior Aditi Malay also competed in her last matches for the season at the JV League Tournament. Malay says she enhanced her game over the last couple months. She improved by changing her strategy during games to win matches.

“I improved my ability to execute a strategic change when necessary,” Malay said.

Similarly, Smutzler says she noticed the improvement of her own skills over the course of this season. She worked on her games in doubles, as well as her placement.

“I improved my doubles play and putting the ball where [the opponents] aren’t,” Smutzler said.

Looking ahead for next season, the girls plan to increase their skills during the off-season, with hopes of returning next year with new abilities to beat other schools in more matches.

“I’ll be working on my serve, my game at the net, and my placement,” Malay said.

Smutzler also plans to make more improvements in her game now that the season has come to an end.

“I hope to improve,” Smulzler said. “I want to be more consistent.” 

Malay says her teammates were encouraging throughout this season, which helped the team succeed together.

“We’ve been very successful at our meets,” Malay said. “Everyone is extremely supportive.” 


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