Enrollment Continues to Rise

Marta Johnston, Writer

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The enrollment numbers at WRHS are continuously increasing. The school started in a basement in 1918, and has undergone ten expansions and renovations as of today. The enrollment numbers this year exceed 1,900, an amount much greater than the 100 students that attended the school when it was originally built in 1964.

As a result of the large number of students, the school has had to undergo many changes in both its building and in its functionality. Additional staff have been added over the years, and the school has developed a very efficient method of performance.

In 1939, the decision was made to move locations from the basement of the college campus due to the crowded conditions. The atmosphere of the school now in a sense mimics that of a busy college campus with students hurrying every which way attempting not to run into anyone amidst the bustle of the many students all around them.

The school is large enough that some students have a difficult time making their way from one end to another before the school bell rings. Even though the school has been expanded many times, the numbers of enrolled students becomes larger year to year, so the halls will become nothing but tighter in the future.