Volleyball Sets up for the Season

Gwendolyn Clark, Writer

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The Jr. Blues volleyball team recently started their season, and they are excited for what is to come. Each player has many personal and team goals they hope to accomplish by the end of the season. Senior Sydney Houser enters this year with plans to achieve some of her own goals.

“My personal goals are to get better, return to state, and make my last year my best year,”  Houser said.

Houser hopes to make this season memorable by putting in all her effort to make it to state. Sophomore Olivia Bruno is entering her second season with the team and plans to focus on increasing her skills and becoming closer with her team.

“I am excited to work with the coaches and team and to get better as an individual,” Bruno said.  

Head Coach Kevin Bordewick plans to help his team accomplish their goals throughout the season.

“We try to set some short term goals, and then hopefully those short term goals will make us reach our long term goals,” Bordewick said.

Bordewick hopes his team will make it to state at the end of the season.

“Our wins and losses will take care of themselves, but we always expect to be in the running for league championship, we always expect to go to state,” Bordewick said.

Senior Alex Entz also begins this season with an end goal in mind.

“My goal this season is to help my team win a state championship,” Entz said.

The team plans to continue to bond throughout this season. Houser learns from her teammates throughout the year.

My teammates help me improve my skills by giving me encouragement and advice. Everyone wants to see the others succeed, and that is one of the best parts about our team,” Houser said.

The coaches also hope the team can come together to start the season well.

“Our challenge is just trying to make sure they can come together as a team, but even then, they are great kids who really do get along with each other pretty well,” Bordewick said.

Bruno notices that good attitudes help the team be successful.

“We bond by being positive with each other and knowing when we need to pick each other up,” Bruno said.

Entz looks forward to the time she will get to spend with her team during her last season.

“I am most excited for a fun senior year with my teammates,” Entz said.

Overall the team plans to work hard this season to increase their skills, become closer as a team, and accomplish their goals.  

“We work together through communication and our relationships,” Houser said. “Our team chemistry is pretty strong, we have a common goal in mind.”

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