Student Spotlight; DJ Holman


Hadlie Brady, Writer

For this weeks Student Spotlight we are focusing on a our track and field members. I have asked Junior DJ Holman that is on our varsity team a few questions on his track experiences. 

  • When did you start Track?
    • I started Track in 7th Grade and have been on the High School Track Team since Freshman Year.”
  • What is your favorite event in Track?
    • My favorite event in Track is Javelin.”
  • What was one of your biggest strengths this season?
    • One of my biggest strengths was remaining positive under adversity. I sprained my shoulder early on in the season and my throws were suffering because of it, but I remained positive and focused throughout the rest of the year.”
  • Are you wanting to further your track career in college? If so, where?
    • I do want to further my Track career in college. Whether that means going out of state or walking on to a program doesn’t matter to me as long as the college would accept me. My dream school would be Kansas so hopefully they would.”
  • Do you have any pre meet rituals? 
    • I actually do have a couple of pre meet rituals I do before throwing. Before each throw, I’ll jump around and loosen up. It looks awkward to some people but I think it does help. I’ll also eat a bag of Gummy Bears and beef jerky between each event to fuel myself.”